Water and Sewer

Water and Sewer

The Water and Sewer Department maintains the township's water wells, tanks, mains and laterals. Along with the Township Engineer, the staff operates the system and monitors quality to ensure a safe and reliable supply of drinking water to all customers. The department also operates and maintains the sanitary sewer collection system.

If you experience a problem with your sewer, please contact Township Personnel first before calling a plumber. We will respond immediately and repair the problem if it is in the Township's sewer line. If the problem is your responsibility, we will advise you to contact a plumber. Therefore, it is important that you contact the Sewer Department first to avoid any unnecessary expense. If you do have a sewer problem, stop using water and your toilet until the problem is resolved so that you can avoid any flooding damage to your house. During normal working hours, please call 856.845.4004, ext. 127 for service.

Personnel are always on call to respond to any water leak or sewer back-ups and can be reached nights and weekends by calling 856.845.2300.

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Sewer Rates Effective 10-1-19
User Group Code Quarterly Minimum Quarterly Minimum Billing Rate of Excess Yearly Rate
Residential R-01 N/A $159.50 Per Unit N/A $638.00
Residential With Classrooms R-02 N/A $46.25 Per Classroom N/A $185.00
Non Profit Organization R-03 N/A $46.25 Per Unit N/A $185.00
Residential With Sump Pump R-04 N/A $209.50 Per Unit N/A $838.00
Commercial C-01 12,000 Gal $159.50 $8.70 1,000 Gal.  


Water Rates Effective 10-1.19
User Group Code Quarterly Minimum Billing (Quarterly) Rate of Excess
Residential And Commercial R-01 (Residential)C-01 (Commercial) $21.45 $8.42 (9001 - 54,500)$10.34 (54,500 - 100,000 gallons)$12.38 (over 100,000 gallons)
Unmetered Residential R-11   $8.42 Per 1,000 gallons

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