Division of Housing

Division of Housing


The Division of Housing is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Township’s regulations, specifically, Chapter 115 – Change of Occupancy Certificate, Chapter 127 – Property Maintenance and Chapter 178 – Housing Standards, as well as the New Jersey State Housing Code and the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) (2018), including the scheduling of inspections for change of occupancy for sale residential properties (property transfer) and rental properties (all non-owner-occupied residential rental properties) within the Township. 

Rental Inspections (Tenant Change) & Resale Inspections (Property Transfer) 

A Rental Housing Certificate of Occupancy inspection is required for all rental dwelling units whenever there is a change of occupancy and/or tenant.  A Rental Housing Certificate of Occupancy must be secured by the owner prior to occupancy of the unit by a tenant(s).  The Rental Housing Inspection Application can be found HERE.  

A Resale Housing Certificate of Occupancy inspection is required for all for-sale dwelling units whenever there is a transfer of ownership.  A Resale Housing Certificate of Occupancy must be secured by the owner prior to settlement.  The Resale Housing Inspection Application can be found HERE.   The Division does provide Housing Certificates for settlement purposes only.   The Affidavit for a Housing Certificate can be found HERE and must be accompanied by the Resale Housing Inspection Application and the respective fees for a Housing Certificate.   In order to get a Housing Certificate, an initial inspection must first occur on the property to assess what needs to be done prior to the issuance of a permanent CO. 

Non-Residential Certificate of Occupancy Applications

All commercial and non-residential buildings require a non-residential Certificate of Occupancy for change of ownership or change of tenant. The application can be found here.   A Non-Residential Certificate of Occupancy must be secured by the owner prior to settlement.

Inspection Process & Requirements 

  • Once the Division of Housing receives the Rental Housing Inspection Application and required payment ($60.00 inspection fee), the Division will contact the applicant to schedule the inspection or re-inspection ($30.00 re-inspection fee).   If a unit fails inspection, applicants may request a re-inspection by the Division once the re-inspection fee is paid. 
  • Applicants should review the Housing Inspection Checklist, as well as refer to the Township’s regulations, so that the property can be prepared for the inspection.  This checklist is provided as a courtesy and is a summary of some of the requirements that will be checked during an inspection, however, this list is not all-inclusive and there may be other items which may fail a unit inspection.
  • All utilities must be on and operational.
  • All open Construction Permits must be closed prior to the issuance of a CO.
  • The Township allows for the use of lock boxes for entry into vacant properties.  If a lock box is not available at the property, the owner or their registered agent must meet Inspector at the property at the time of the scheduled inspection.  

To schedule a Housing Inspection, please contact Alissa Visalli, Technical Assistant/Housing Inspection Coordinator at (856) 845-4004 ext. 123 or via email at avisalli@westdeptford.com.  

Landlord Tenant Disputes 

Landlord Registration Form is required by N.J.S.A. 46:8-27 for all rental properties.  Failure to register as a landlord and obtain a Certificate of Occupancy for rental properties leaves landlords “unprotected” by New Jersey Statutes, as it relates to Landlord/Tenant Disputes and is in violation of Township and State requirements.  Any disagreements involving unregistered rental properties that are not inspected may pose a legal challenge and liability to property owners.  This form must be completed once for each rental property and updated within 30 days of any changes to the information on the form.  

All landlords must register with the Municipal Clerk in order to schedule an inspection for a rental unit or property for one- and two-family dwellings.  Three- or more (multiple) dwellings are required to be registered with the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (NJDCA) – Bureau of Housing Inspections (BHI).  The West Deptford Township Landlord Registration Form can be found HERE.  

Affordable Housing 

There are a variety of affordable housing opportunities and units located within West Deptford Township created through a variety of programs. Opportunities exist to rent or purchase an affordable unit in West Deptford Township, where available.  

The Township’s affordable housing program is administered by Triad Associates, Inc.  The pre-application process can be found online and may be completed on a computer, smartphone or tablet. To submit a pre-application, please visit  https://www.triadhousingprograms.com/gloucester-county.  Triad Associates, Inc. contact information is as follows: 

Triad Associates, Inc.
1301 W. Forest Grove Road
Vineland, NJ 08360
(856) 690-9590

Available Affordable Housing Opportunities

A list of other Resources is also provided that might assist you while you are waiting for affordable housing. Additionally, the New Jersey Housing Resource Center website (www.njhrc.gov) provides valuable information on affordable housing opportunities throughout the State of New Jersey. 

Gloucester County & State of New Jersey Resources & Links 

 Staff Contacts




Alissa Visalli

Housing Inspection Coordinator

(856) 845-4004 ext. 123

Mark Goggin

Housing Inspector

(856) 845-4004

Brian Galloway

Code Enforcement

(856) 845-4004 ext. 169