Division of Code Enforcement & Property Maintenance

Division of Code Enforcement & Property Maintenance

Division Of Code Enforcement & Property Maintenance 

The Division is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Township’s Property Maintenance Code.  The Division enforces the International Property Maintenance Code adopted by the International Code Council (ICC), as well as other Township Ordinances. 

The Code Enforcement Officer enforces the Property Maintenance Code, which is a law enacted to ensure that all existing structures and their exteriors are maintained in a safe and blight-free manner. Property maintenance violations may include high grass or weeds, garbage, litter, unsightly buildings, unregistered or "junk" vehicles, etc. You may report any property maintenance code violations to the Division of Code Enforcement & Property Maintenance. 

While many people think that problems can be immediately resolved by a visit from the Township, there is often a due process that must take place to achieve compliance. 

Potential violations are discovered through the Officer’s observations, residential complaints and/or referrals from other agencies. Once a violation is confirmed to exist, a Notice of Violation (NOV) is sent to the property owner giving them a time frame to abate said NOV.  Further non-compliance or failure to abate can result in the issuance of a Municipal Court Summons, for which the penalty for the violation is determined by the Municipal Court Judge. 

To file a complaint, please contact Brian Galloway, Code Enforcement Officer at (856)845-4004 ext. 169 or via email at bgalloway@westdeptford.com.  

Vacant & Abandoned Property Registry 

West Deptford Township requires that the owner of any vacant/abandoned property, as defined by Chapter 70 – Abandoned Property, within 30 calendar days after the building/structure/dwelling becomes vacant, or within 30 calendar days after assuming ownership of the vacant/abandoned property, or within 10 calendar days of receipt of notice from the Township, must file a registration form for such property with the Department. 

To register a vacant/abandoned property, applicants can download the Vacant/Abandoned Property Registration Form HERE, which must be accompanied by the required registration fee, which is as follows:

Initial Registration  $                     500.00
First Renewal  $                  1,000.00
Second Renewal  $                  1,500.00
Subsequent Renewal  $                  3,000.00

The Vacant/Abandoned Property Registration Form must contain the following information: 

  1. Name, address, phone and email address of the Current Property Owner;
  2. Name, address, phone (including emergency phone number) and email address for the Property Management Company (must have a one-hour response to property);
  3. Name, address, phone and email address for Lender/Lien Holder/Mortgage Company; and
  4. Description of the property, including information on utilities, if the property has been secured, if the required signage has been affixed to the property and if there is an intention to restore with property within the next 12 months. 

 Registrations are required to be renewed in January of every calendar year that the property remains vacant. 

To register a Vacant/Abandoned Property, please contact William Rebel, Construction Official/Public Officer at (856) 845-4004 ext. 119 or via email at brebel@westdeptford.com