Winter Weather Alert

Winter Weather Alert

The West Deptford Township Committee is urging residents to prepare for the arrival of winter weather. Our dedicated township employees and available equipment are being prepared for the coming winter weather on Wednesday, December 16th and any future events .

Snow Removal and Salt Application Quick Facts

  • Our snow removal teams clear more than 184 miles of roadway each time they pass through the town
  • In order to properly remove the snow, our crews begin work on all primary roads and intersections then move to secondary roads.
  • To ensure the safest road conditions, we begin salting prior to the arrival of the storm and continue until snow accumulates up to two inches
  • Once snow accumulation reaches two or more inches, we begin plowing and safely clearing the roads.
  • One pass through town takes 12 hours, please exercise patience during the event as crews make roads passable.

What Can You Do to Help Ensure Proper Snow Removal?

  • Keep the curb line clear by parking all vehicles in driveways and parking lots
  • Keep the curb line clear and free of overhead branches (Must have 10 ft. clearance for plow to pass), Trash Cans, Portable Basketball Nets, Vehicles , Boats, RVs
  • Please wait until your street has been plowed to shovel your driveway. Plowing roadways may inadvertently cause snow to block driveways. Please reference the snow shoveling diagram located on the West Deptford Township website to minimize snow in your driveway entrance.
  • Keep shoveled snow on your property. Do not toss shoveled snow back into the street (See 39:4-77.3 “Anti-Snow Dumping Act”)
  • Gloucester County (856-307-6400) is responsible for Salting/Plowing the following roads within West Deptford Township: Delaware Street (Route 640), Grove Road (Route 643), Grove   Avenue, Hessian Avenue (Route 642), Jessup Road, King’s         Highway, Mantua Grove Road, Parkville Road, Red Bank        Avenue, Ogden Road
  • The State of New Jersey (856-845-2850) is responsible for salting/plowing the following roads located in West Deptford Township: Crown Point Road, Route 45, Route 295

How to Stay in Touch with West Deptford Township
In order to ensure the Township can provide the best services possible during this winter storm, here’s how to stay informed:

Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation!