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201313 documents

  • O-2013-01.pdf
    document Header O-2013-01.pdf
    Fee Ordinance
  • O-2013-02.pdf
    document Header O-2013-02.pdf
    Fees for RWCC
  • O-2013-03.pdf
    document Header O-2013-03.pdf
    General Organization & Purpose Chap. 51, Sect. 1
  • O-2013-04.pdf
    document Header O-2013-04.pdf
    Amending CAP Ordinance
  • O-2013-05.pdf
    document Header O-2013-05.pdf
    Sale of Property
  • O-2013-06.pdf
    document Header O-2013-06.pdf
    Manual on Uniform Traffic Control
  • O-2013-07.pdf
    document Header O-2013-07.pdf
    Zoning - Sign Ordinance
  • O-2013-08.pdf
    document Header O-2013-08.pdf
    WDPD Rule for Promotion Process - Lt.
  • O-2013-09.pdf
    document Header O-2013-09.pdf
    WDPD Rules & Regulations Internal Affairs
  • O-2013-10.pdf
    document Header O-2013-10.pdf
    Fee Ordinance
  • O-2013-11.pdf
    document Header O-2013-11.pdf
    Salary Ordinance
  • O-2013-12.pdf
    document Header O-2013-12.pdf
    Private Storm Drains- Inlet Retrofitting
  • O-2013-13.pdf
    document Header O-2013-13.pdf
    Stormwater Control - Dumpsters

201422 documents

  • O-2014-01.pdf
    document Header O-2014-01.pdf
    Establish RW Advisory Board
  • O-2014-02.pdf
    document Header O-2014-02.pdf
    Establish Disabled Committee
  • O-2014-03.pdf
    document Header O-2014-03.pdf
    Salary Ordinance
  • O-2014-04.pdf
    document Header O-2014-04.pdf
    Use of Tobacco Products
  • O-2014-05.pdf
    document Header O-2014-05.pdf
    Salary Ordinance
  • O-2014-06.pdf
    document Header O-2014-06.pdf
    Open Burning
  • O-2014-07.pdf
    document Header O-2014-07.pdf
    Fee Ordinance
  • O-2014-08.pdf
    document Header O-2014-08.pdf
    Zoning/Medical Disp/Cell Towers
  • O-2014-09.pdf
    document Header O-2014-09.pdf
    No parking - Philadelphia Ave.
  • O-2014-10.pdf
    document Header O-2014-10.pdf
    Zoning - Sign Ordinance
  • O-2014-11.pdf
    document Header O-2014-11.pdf
    Capital Ordinance
  • O-2014-12.pdf
    document Header O-2014-12.pdf
    Amending CAP Ordinance
  • O-2014-13.pdf
    document Header O-2014-13.pdf
    No Parking - Philadelphia Ave.
  • O-2014-14.pdf
    document Header O-2014-14.pdf
    Capital Ordinance
  • O-2014-15.pdf
    document Header O-2014-15.pdf
    Bond Ordinance
  • O-2014-16.pdf
    document Header O-2014-16.pdf
    Amending Chapter 115-Meter Readings/Cert of Occupancy
  • O-2014-17.pdf
    document Header O-2014-17.pdf
    No parking - Philadelphia Ave.
  • O-2014-18.pdf
    document Header O-2014-18.pdf
    Parking Prohibited Jessup Road
  • O-2014-19.pdf
    document Header O-2014-19.pdf
    Capital Improvements
  • O-2014-20.pdf
    document Header O-2014-20.pdf
    Establish Economic Development Commission
  • O-2014-21.pdf
    document Header O-2014-21.pdf
    Amending 47 - Personnel
  • O-2014-22.pdf
    document Header O-2014-22.pdf
    Salary Ordinance

201527 documents

  • O-2015-01.pdf
    document Header O-2015-01.pdf
    Repealing Economic Dev. Comm.
  • O-2015-02.pdf
    document Header O-2015-02.pdf
    Establishing Attendance Policy for Board and Commission Members
  • O-2015-03.pdf
    document Header O-2015-03.pdf
    CAP Ordinance
  • O-2015-04.pdf
    document Header O-2015-04.pdf
    Fire Hydrants
  • O-2015-05.pdf
    document Header O-2015-05.pdf
    Environmental Commission
  • O-2015-06.pdf
    document Header O-2015-06.pdf
    Special Emergency Appropriation
  • O-2015-07.pdf
    document Header O-2015-07.pdf
    Tort Claims
  • O-2015-08.pdf
    document Header O-2015-08.pdf
    Salary Ordinance
  • O-2015-09.pdf
    document Header O-2015-09.pdf
    Amending Chapter 163 - Water
  • O-2015-10.pdf
    document Header O-2015-10.pdf
    Amending Chapter 51 Section 1A Police
  • O-2015-11.pdf
    document Header O-2015-11.pdf
    Amending 106 - Loitering
  • O-2015-12.pdf
    document Header O-2015-12.pdf
    Granting Renewed Consent for SJ Gas Co.
  • O-2015-13.pdf
    document Header O-2015-13.pdf
    Amending Chapter 122 "Dealers In Precious Metals, Gem And Gemstones
  • O-2015-14.pdf
    document Header O-2015-14.pdf
    Capital-Appropriating $323,635.40 from the 2015 Water and Sewer Operating Fund
  • O-2015-15.pdf
    document Header O-2015-15.pdf
    Capital Improvement Fund – Road Improvements to Provide for Various Improvements in and by The Township of  West Deptford,
  • O-2015-16.pdf
    document Header O-2015-16.pdf
    Mandating The Connection To The Public Water System and The Sealing of Potable Wells for Properties Within The
  • O-2015-17.pdf
    document Header O-2015-17.pdf
    Establishing new section - Defense and Indemnification
  • O-2015-18.pdf
    document Header O-2015-18.pdf
    Mandating The Connection To The Public Water System and The Sealing of Potable Wells for Properties Within The
  • O-2015-19.pdf
    document Header O-2015-19.pdf
    Anti Nepotism Policy
  • O-2015-20.pdf
    document Header O-2015-20.pdf
    Beautification Committee
  • O-2015-21.pdf
    document Header O-2015-21.pdf
    Telephone Usage Policy
  • O-2015-22.pdf
    document Header O-2015-22.pdf
    Mandating Direct Deposit
  • O-2015-23.pdf
    document Header O-2015-23.pdf
    Mandating The Connection To The Public Water System and The Sealing of Potable Wells for Properties Within The
  • O-2015-24.pdf
    document Header O-2015-24.pdf
    Tax Abatement - DACK Holdings
  • O-2015-25.pdf
    document Header O-2015-25.pdf
    Salary Ordinance
  • O-2015-26.pdf
    document Header O-2015-26.pdf
    SJ Gas - Repealing 2015-12
  • O-2015-27.pdf
    document Header O-2015-27.pdf
    Creating Joint Court

201623 documents

  • O-2016-01.pdf
    document Header O-2016-01.pdf
    Beautification Committee Alternates
  • O-2016-02.pdf
    document Header O-2016-02.pdf
    Amending Chapter 47, Personnel Regulations Veteran Preference
  • O-2016-03.pdf
    document Header O-2016-03.pdf
    Correcting Block # from O-2015-24 Dack Holdings, LLC
  • O-2016-04.pdf
    document Header O-2016-04.pdf
    Amending Chapter 11, Fee Ordinance
  • O-2016-05.pdf
    document Header O-2016-05.pdf
    Amending Chapter 11, Fee Ordinance
  • O-2016-06.pdf
    document Header O-2016-06.pdf
    Exceed Budget Appropriation Limits and Establish a CAP Bank
  • O-2016-07.pdf
    document Header O-2016-07.pdf
    Restricting Pet Shops
  • O-2016-08.pdf
    document Header O-2016-08.pdf
    Waiving Fees Potable Wells
  • O-2016-09.pdf
    document Header O-2016-09.pdf
    Repealing and Replacing Chapter 94 Flood Damage Prevention
  • O-2016-10.pdf
    document Header O-2016-10.pdf
    Designation of Color of Fire Apparatus
  • O-2016-11.pdf
    document Header O-2016-11.pdf
    Bond Ordinance Potable Well Project
  • O-2016-12.pdf
    document Header O-2016-12.pdf
    Fees & Penalties (Recreation)
  • O-2016-13.pdf
    document Header O-2016-13.pdf
    Acceptance of Deed of Dedication Block 351.17/Lot 27 – Saxon Drive in The Grande
  • O-2016-14.pdf
    document Header O-2016-14.pdf
    Mantua PREI
  • O-2016-15.pdf
    document Header O-2016-15.pdf
    Acceptance of Deed of Dedication Block 351.16 Lot 68 Grove Road in The Grande
  • O-2016-16.pdf
    document Header O-2016-16.pdf
    Deed, Clement Drive
  • O-2016-17.pdf
    document Header O-2016-17.pdf
    Vacating Sanitary Sewer Easement
  • O-2016-18.pdf
    document Header O-2016-18.pdf
    Chapter 11 Fees RW
  • O-2016-20.pdf
    document Header O-2016-20.pdf
    Refunding Bond 31,500,000.
  • O-2016-21.pdf
    document Header O-2016-21.pdf
  • O-2016-22.pdf
    document Header O-2016-22.pdf
    Amending Chapter 70 Abandoned Property
  • O-2016-23.pdf
    document Header O-2016-23.pdf
    Green Team
  • O-2016-24.pdf
    document Header O-2016-24.pdf
    Sign Ordinance Metropolitan Avenue

201715 documents

  • O-2017-01.pdf
    document Header O-2017-01.pdf
    Exceed Municipal Budget and Establish a CAP Bank
  • O-2017-02.pdf
    document Header O-2017-02.pdf
    Clerk Fees
  • O-2017-03.pdf
    document Header O-2017-03.pdf
    Bond Ordinance
  • O-2017-04.pdf
    document Header O-2017-04.pdf
    FHG Sale
  • O-2017-05.pdf
    document Header O-2017-05.pdf
    Capitol W/S Kings Hwy
  • O-2017-06.pdf
    document Header O-2017-06.pdf
    Repeal of RiverWinds Advisory Committee
  • O-2017-07.pdf
    document Header O-2017-07.pdf
    Creating WDT Municipal Alliance
  • O-2017-08.pdf
    document Header O-2017-08.pdf
    Brush Truck
  • O-2017-09.pdf
    document Header O-2017-09.pdf
    WIFI Policy for WD
  • O-2017-10.pdf
    document Header O-2017-10.pdf
    Art Policy
  • O-2017-11.pdf
    document Header O-2017-11.pdf
    Repeal Chapter 47
  • O-2017-12.pdf
    document Header O-2017-12.pdf
    Salary Ordinance
  • O-2017-13.pdf
    document Header O-2017-13.pdf
    Bond Ordinance
  • O-2017-14.pdf
    document Header O-2017-14.pdf
    Amending Chapter 160 – Vehicles/Traffic - Stop Signs
  • O-2017-15.pdf
    document Header O-2017-15.pdf
    Amending Chapter 160 – No Parking

201817 documents

  • O-2018-01.pdf
    document Header O-2018-01.pdf
    Amending Chapter 160 – No Parking - Mantua Grove Rd.
  • O-2018-02.pdf
    document Header O-2018-02.pdf
    Fee Schedule
  • O-2018-03.pdf
    document Header O-2018-03.pdf
    Exceed Municipal Budget and Establish a CAP Bank
  • O-2018-04.pdf
    document Header O-2018-04.pdf
    Bond Ordinance $1,585,000
  • O-2018-05.pdf
    document Header O-2018-05.pdf
    Amending Chapter 160 – No Parking - Spiegel Ave. east
  • O-2018-06.pdf
    document Header O-2018-06.pdf
    Amending Chapter 160 – No Parking - Spiegel Ave. west
  • O-2018-07.pdf
    document Header O-2018-07.pdf
    Amend Chapter 24
  • O-2018-08.pdf
    document Header O-2018-08.pdf
    Amend Chapter 50
  • O-2018-09.pdf
    document Header O-2018-09.pdf
    Stop Signs
  • O-2018-10.pdf
    document Header O-2018-10.pdf
    Capital Pools RW
  • O-2018-11.pdf
    document Header O-2018-11.pdf
    Amending Chpt 152
  • O-2018-12.pdf
    document Header O-2018-12.pdf
  • O-2018-13.pdf
    document Header O-2018-13.pdf
    Grove Land Blk 328, Lt 3.01
  • O-2018-14.pdf
    document Header O-2018-14.pdf
    Establishing Pilot Meter Program
  • O-2018-15.pdf
    document Header O-2018-15.pdf
    Bond Ordinance $1926000 RW
  • O-2018-16.pdf
    document Header O-2018-16.pdf
    Salary Ordinance
  • O-2018-17.pdf
    document Header O-2018-17.pdf
    Amending Chapter 82 dogs and other animals

201922 documents

  • O-2019-01
    document Header O-2019-01
  • O-2019-02
    document Header O-2019-02
    Lease Amendment AT&T
  • O-2019-03
    document Header O-2019-03
    Street Sweeper
  • O-2019-04
    document Header O-2019-04
    Bond Ordinance - Public Works Vehicles, Misc. Recreation
  • O-2019-05
    document Header O-2019-05
    Bond Ordinance - Amending 2018-15
  • O-2019-06
    document Header O-2019-06
    Municipal Alliance By Laws
  • O-2019-07
    document Header O-2019-07
    Exceed Mun Budget appropriation limit & establish CAP bank
  • O-2019-08
    document Header O-2019-08
    Amend Chapter 93, Section 93-24, Subsection A Appointment of Fire Official
  • O-2019-09
    document Header O-2019-09
    Capital Improvement Funds for Roadway Improvements & Equipment
  • O-2019-10.pdf
    document Header O-2019-10.pdf
    Preparation of Master Plan
  • O-2019-11.pdf
    document Header O-2019-11.pdf
    Bond Ordinance - Water & Sewer Improvements
  • O-2019-12.pdf
    document Header O-2019-12.pdf
    Amend Ch 160, Vehicles & Traffic - Stop Intersections
  • O-2019-13.pdf
    document Header O-2019-13.pdf
    Vacating Fifth St between Center & Mifflin
  • O-2019-14.pdf
    document Header O-2019-14.pdf
    Amending Ch 163 - Water
  • O-2019-15.pdf
    document Header O-2019-15.pdf
    Amending Ch 132 - Sewers
  • O-2019-16.pdf
    document Header O-2019-16.pdf
    Bond Ordinance - Stormwater Repairs & Vehicle Purchase
  • O-2019-17.pdf
    document Header O-2019-17.pdf
    Amending Ch 51 - SLEO Police Dept
  • O-2019-18.pdf
    document Header O-2019-18.pdf
  • O-2019-19.pdf
    document Header O-2019-19.pdf
  • O-2019-20.pdf
    document Header O-2019-20.pdf
    Amending Ch 160 - Handicapped parking space (514 Page St)
  • O-2019-21.pdf
    document Header O-2019-21.pdf
    Amending Ch 160-Stop Intersection - Morris & Myrtle
  • O-2019-22.pdf
    document Header O-2019-22.pdf
    Bond Ordinance - Reappropriating Proceeds

202026 documents

  • O-2020-01
    document Header O-2020-01
    Amending Ch. 12A, changing name to "The West Deptford Committee for People with Disabilities"
  • O-2020-02
    document Header O-2020-02
    Stop Intersection - Leonard Lane and train tracks
  • O-2020-03
    document Header O-2020-03
    Amending Ch. 51 - adding 6th Sergeant position WDPD
  • O-2020-04
    document Header O-2020-04
    Amended RiverWinds Development Plan
  • O-2020-05
    document Header O-2020-05
    Refunding Bond Ordinance - $11,100.000
  • O-2020-06
    document Header O-2020-06
    Exceed Municipal Budget appropriation limit & Establish CAP bank
  • O-2020-07
    document Header O-2020-07
    Establishing Reimbursement for Fire Dept Services
  • O-2020-08
    document Header O-2020-08
    Appropriating $325,000 from Capital Improvement Fund for Roadway Improvements & Bldg Infrastructure Upgrades
  • O-2020-09
    document Header O-2020-09
    Amending Ordinance 2020-07 - Establishing Reimbursement for Fire Dept Services
  • O-2020-10
    document Header O-2020-10
    Stop Intersections - S. Warren Ave & Myrtle Ave
  • O-2020-11
    document Header O-2020-11
    Stop Intersection - G Street
  • O-2020-12
    document Header O-2020-12
    Amending Ch. 51 - adding new section establishing Police Chaplain position (WDPD)
  • O-2020-13
    document Header O-2020-13
    Amending Ch. 51 - Adopting new article entitled Extra Duty Law Enforcement Services (WDPD)
  • O-2020-14
    document Header O-2020-14
    Amending & Supplementing Ch. 127 - Property Maintenance
  • O-2020-15
    document Header O-2020-15
    Amending Ch. 115 - Change of Occupancy Certificate
  • O-2020-16
    document Header O-2020-16
    Repealing & Re-Enacting Ch. 26 - Fire Department
  • O-2020-17
    document Header O-2020-17
    Amending Chapter 14 Fees and Penalties
  • O-2020-18
    document Header O-2020-18
    Stop Intersection - Lincoln Ave & Tatum Ave and Lincoln Ave & Elberne Ave
  • O-2020-19
    document Header O-2020-19
    2020 Salaries and Compensation
  • O-2020-20
    document Header O-2020-20
    Repealing Existing Rules & Regulations for the West Deptford Police Department and Adopting New Set
  • O-2020-21
    document Header O-2020-21
    Amending Ordinance 2020-16 - Jurisdiction & Verbiage Correction
  • O-2020-22
    document Header O-2020-22
    Appropriating $560,000 from the Capital Improvement Fund for WD Little League Park Improvements
  • O-2020-23
    document Header O-2020-23
    Amending Chapter 121, Peddling & Soliciting, Section 121-3, Application Procedure & Requirements
  • O-2020-24
    document Header O-2020-24
    Authorizing Execution & Recording of a Deed of Utility Easement (B: 358 L: 1 - 48 Princeton Ave)
  • O-2020-25
    document Header O-2020-25
    Amending Ordinance 2020-16 - West Deptford Fire Department Jr Firefighter Program
  • O-2020-26
    document Header O-2020-26
    Amending Ch. 51 - Adding Section 51-6: Identifying Criteria for Promotions within WDPD

202129 documents

  • O-2021-01
    document Header O-2021-01
    Amending Ch. 51 - Adding Language to Section 51-6(F) to Clarify Criteria for Promotions to Rank of Detective Sgt. within WDPD
  • O-2021-02
    document Header O-2021-02
    Repealing and Replacing Chapter 141, Stormwater Control Procedures
  • O-2021-03
    document Header O-2021-03
    Establishing a New Chapter of the Code Book Entitled "No Trespassing"
  • O-2021-04
    document Header O-2021-04
    Authorizing & Approving Execution & Filing of Grant of Conservation Restriction (Riparian Zone Mitigation) Between Township and NJDEP (B: 328, L: 7 & 7.09)
  • O-2021-05
    document Header O-2021-05
    Amending Ch. 93-Fire Prevention, Article II-Providing for Local Enforcement of NJ Uniform Fire Code
  • O-2021-06
    document Header O-2021-06
    Bond Ordinance Reappropriating $750,000 Proceeds Not Needed for Original Purpose for Town-Wide Park Improvements
  • O-2021-07
    document Header O-2021-07
    Calendar Year 2021 to Exceed Municipal Budget Appropriation Limits and Establish CAP Bank (N.J.S.A.40A:4-45.14)
  • O-2021-08
    document Header O-2021-08
    Providing Funding for Replacement of Westwood Court Sewer Main and Appropriating $600,000 for Such Purpose
  • O-2021-09
    document Header O-2021-09
    Ordinance Amending O-2020-16 - Designating Volunteer Fire Companies in WD Fire Dept
  • O-2021-10
    document Header O-2021-10
    Bond Ordinance Authorizing Various Capital Improvements; Appropriating $2,778,000 and Authorizing $2,639,200 Bonds or Notes to Finance Part of Cost Thereof
  • O-2021-11
    document Header O-2021-11
    Amending Chapter 141 - Stormwater Control Procedures
  • O-2021-12
    document Header O-2021-12
    Authorizing Execution of Lease Agreements Between WDT and WD Volunteer Fire Companies
  • O-2021-13
    document Header O-2021-13
    Ordinance Amending and Supplementing Chapter 166 - Zoning, Article VI - Cannabis Business Overlay Zone
  • O-2021-14
    document Header O-2021-14
    Bond Ordinance Authorizing Various Water and Sewer Utility Improvements-Appropriating $3,105,000 and Authorizing the Issuance of $3,105,000 Bonds or Notes to Finance Part of the Cost
  • O-2021-15
    document Header O-2021-15
    Repealing and Replacing Chapter 62, Smoking
  • O-2021-16
    document Header O-2021-16
    Amending Ch. 166 Zoning (Outdoor dining)
  • O-2021-17
    document Header O-2021-17
    Amending Ch. 143 Subdivision & Development (Compensatory Landscaping)
  • O-2021-18
    document Header O-2021-18
    2021 Salary Ordinance
  • O-2021-19
    document Header O-2021-19
    Amending Ch. 160 - Stop Intersection - Barlow and Walnut Avenues
  • O-2021-20
    document Header O-2021-20
    Amending Ordinance O-2020-16 - Addition of Fire Police and Fire Chaplain - WDFD
  • O-2021-21
    document Header O-2021-21
    Amending Ch. 11 - Fees and Penalties
  • O-2021-22
    document Header O-2021-22
    Amending Ch. 11 - Fees and Penalties
  • O-2021-23
    document Header O-2021-23
    Amending Ch. 102 - Land Use Procedures, Article VI Fees for Applications to Planning Board & Zoning Board of Adjustment
  • O-2021-24
    document Header O-2021-24
    Amending Ch. 143 Subdivision & Development (Major Subdivisions)
  • O-2021-25
    document Header O-2021-25
    Amending Ch. 166 Zoning (Multi-Family Residence Districts)
  • O-2021-26
    document Header O-2021-26
    Establishing Joint Municipal Court w. Mantua Twp; Repealing & Amending Ch. 38; Approving a Joint Mun Ct Shares Services Agreement for the Operation of JMC w. Mantua Twp
  • O-2021-27
    document Header O-2021-27
    Amending Ch. 118, Section 3, Subsection A - Public Use and Availability of Park & Recreation Areas
  • O-2021-28
    document Header O-2021-28
    Amending Ch. 26 - Fire Dept - Adopting New Article - Extra Duty Firefighter Services
  • O-2021-29
    document Header O-2021-29
    Amending Ch. 56, Section 7 - Background Checks

202228 documents

  • O-2022-01
    document Header O-2022-01
    Appropriating $200,000 from Capital Improvement Fund - Creation of Disc Golf Course - TABLED
  • O-2022-02
    document Header O-2022-02
    Calendar Year 2022 to Exceed Municipal Budget Appropriation Limits and Establish CAP Bank (N.J.S.A.40A:4-45.14)
  • O-2022-03
    document Header O-2022-03
    Vacating Leonard Avenue
  • O-2022-04
    document Header O-2022-04
    Providing Funding for Various Stormwater Infrastructure Projects & Appropriating $1.4M for Such Purpose
  • O-2022-05
    document Header O-2022-05
    Providing Funding for Various Capital Improvements for the Water/Sewer Utility and Appropriating $300,000 for Such Purpose
  • O-2022-06
    document Header O-2022-06
    Bond Ordinance Reappropriating $1,263,000 Proceeds of Obligations Not Needed for Their Original Purposes and Appropriating $834,000 from Capital Improvement Fund for Acquisition of Various Improvements by WDT
  • O-2022-07
    document Header O-2022-07
    Ordinance Amending Ordinance 2021-27 Amending Chapter 118, Parks & Recreation, Section 3, Public Use & Availability of Park & Recreation Areas, Subsection A
  • O-2022-08
    document Header O-2022-08
    Appropriating $300,000 from Capital Improvement Fund for Park Improvements
  • O-2022-09
    document Header O-2022-09
    Amending Ch. 11 - Fees and Penalties
  • O-2022-10
    document Header O-2022-10
    Amending Ch. 160 - Stop Intersections - Walnut Avenue
  • O-2022-11
    document Header O-2022-11
    Establishing a New Chapter of the WDT Code Book Entitled "Cannabis Establishments"
  • O-2022-12
    document Header O-2022-12
    Bond Ordinance Authorizing Acquisition of Automated Sanitation Trucks and Trash Containers In and For the Township of West Deptford
  • O-2022-13
    document Header O-2022-13
    Ordinance Amending Chapter 11 Fees and Penalties
  • O-2022-14
    document Header O-2022-14
    Re-Adopting Ch. 147, Five Year Real Estate Tax Exemption
  • O-2022-15
    document Header O-2022-15
    Amending Ch. 11 - Fees and Penalties
  • O-2022-16
    document Header O-2022-16
    Authorizing Execution of Agreement Between WDT and Thorofare Fire Company
  • O-2022-17
    document Header O-2022-17
    Authorizing Execution of Agreement Between WDT and Green-Fields Volunteer Fire Company
  • O-2022-18
    document Header O-2022-18
    Repealing Ch 132 & Re-Adopting a New Chapter 132 (Sewers)
  • O-2022-19
    document Header O-2022-19
    Repealing Ch 163 & Re-Adopting a New Chapter 163 (Water)
  • O-2022-20
    document Header O-2022-20
    Amending Ch. 160 - One-Way Streets - Philadelphia Ave Southbound
  • O-2022-21
    document Header O-2022-21
    2022 Salary Ordinace
  • O-2022-22
    document Header O-2022-22
    Bond Ordinance Authorizing Various Capital Improvements
  • O-2022-23
    document Header O-2022-23
    Adopting Cross-Connection Control Manual
  • O-2022-24
    document Header O-2022-24
    Adopting Fats, Oils & Grease Control Program Manual
  • O-2022-25
    document Header O-2022-25
    Amending Ch. 26 - Fire Department - LOSAP
  • O-2022-26
    document Header O-2022-26
    Amending Ch. 56, Section 7 - Background Checks
  • O-2022-27
    document Header O-2022-27
    Authorizing Execution of Agreement Between WDT and Colonial Manor Fire Assoc.
  • O-2022-28
    document Header O-2022-28
    Authorizing Execution of Lease Agreement Between WDT and the WDT Little League

202327 documents

  • O-2023-01
    document Header O-2023-01
    Adopting a Revision & Codification of the WDT Ordinances
  • O-2023-02
    document Header O-2023-02
    Amending Ch. 189, Solid Waste Disposal - Adding New Article "Garbage Collection"
  • O-2023-03
    document Header O-2023-03
    Calendar Year 2023 to Exceed Municipal Budget Appropriation Limits and Establish CAP Bank (N.J.S.A.40A:4-45.14)
  • O-2023-04
    document Header O-2023-04
    Repeal & Replace Chapter 94 - Adoption of Floodplain Management Regulations
  • O-2023-05
    document Header O-2023-05
    Authorizing Execution of First Amendment to Lease Agreement w. T-Mobile West, LLC
  • O-2023-06
    document Header O-2023-06
    Bond Ordinance - Various Capital Improvements
  • O-2023-07
    document Header O-2023-07
    Bond Ordinance - Various Water & Sewer Improvements
  • O-2023-08
    document Header O-2023-08
    Authorizing Entry into a Purchase & Sale Agreement w. Alterra for B. 328 L. 7.04 at RiverWinds
  • O-2023-09
    document Header O-2023-09
    Amending Ch. 118, Parks and Recreation
  • O-2023-10
    document Header O-2023-10
    Repeal & Replace Chapter 94 - Adoption of Floodplain Management Regulations (Revised)
  • O-2023-11
    document Header O-2023-11
    Amending Ch. 11 - Fees and Penalties
  • O-2023-12
    document Header O-2023-12
    Adopting New Chapter - Lead Based Paint Inspections
  • O-2023-13
    document Header O-2023-13
    Amending Ch. 11 - Fees and Penalties
  • O-2023-14
    document Header O-2023-14
    Amending Ch. 56, Sections 3, 4, 5 and 6 - Recreation Advisory Committee
  • O-2023-15
    document Header O-2023-15
    Amending Ch. 118 - Parks and Recreation - Adding Article "Field, Event & Facility Use Application"
  • O-2023-16
    document Header O-2023-16
    Amending Ch. 160, Article II - Remove Section 160-6.1
  • O-2023-17
    document Header O-2023-17
    Amending Ch. 26 - Fire Department
  • O-2023-18
    document Header O-2023-18
    Appropriating $500K from Capital Improvement Fund - Public Works Fleet Maintenance Garage, Public Works Equipment & RiverWinds Comm Ctr Bldg Maintenance
  • O-2023-19
    document Header O-2023-19
    Amending Ch. 11 - Fees and Penalties
  • O-2023-20
    document Header O-2023-20
    Adopting New Chapter - Permitting for Film Projects
  • O-2023-21
    document Header O-2023-21
    Adopting New Chapter 141B - Stormwater Control - De-Icing Material Storage
  • O-2023-22
    document Header O-2023-22
    Bond Ordinance - Authorizing Construction of New Library
  • O-2023-23
    document Header O-2023-23
    Appropriating $150,000 from Capital Improvement Fund for Building Demolition
  • O-2023-24
    document Header O-2023-24
    Salary Ordinance
  • O-2023-25
    document Header O-2023-25
    Amending Ch 141 - Stormwater Control Procedures
  • O-2023-26
    document Header O-2023-26
    Amending Ch 163, Section 3 - Water Meters
  • O-2023-27
    document Header O-2023-27
    Authorizing Sale of Municipal Property (B.328, L.7.01 and 7.10) to JS Hovananian & Sons, LLC associated with RiverWinds Redevelopment

20248 documents

  • O-2024-01
    document Header O-2024-01
    Authorizing Sale of Block 328, Lots 7.06 Cicontes for Redevelopment
  • O-2024-02
    document Header O-2024-02
    Establishing Special Reserves Solvay and Wells # 3, 4, 5, & 8
  • O-2024-03
    document Header O-2024-03
    Amending Chapter 160 - Handicapped Parking
  • O-2024-04
    document Header O-2024-04
    Church Street $800,000. Utility Capital
  • O-2024-05
    document Header O-2024-05
    Capital Improvements W/S - Solvay 15 million
  • O-2024-06
    document Header O-2024-06
    Exceed Muni Budget Approp and Establish a CAP Bank
  • O-2024-07
    document Header O-2024-07
    Capital Fund 150,000 PW Trucks
  • O-2024-08
    document Header O-2024-08
    Amendment River Center Redevelopment